Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation services involves bolstering your current team by bringing in additional talent through a third-party service provider.

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What is Staff Augmentation?

By opting for staff augmentation, you can eliminate the hassles of sourcing, hiring, training, and other HR-related problems. This approach offers both short-term and long-term benefits, granting you the flexibility to meet your technology objectives while gaining immediate access to top-tier professionals from a diverse talent pool.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

By partnering with Akvateq for staff augmentation, you gain a strategic edge. We'll work closely with you to understand your specific needs and match the perfect talent to integrate in your existing team​.

Access to Top Talent

You can hire from a talented pool of pre-vetted professionals with the specific skills your project demands. Provider will handle the sourcing and screening that can you’re your valuable time and resources.

Scalability Made Simple

Staff augmentation allows you to scale your team up or down effortlessly, ensuring you have the right people at the right time.

Faster Time to Market

In today's business environment, speed is a key. Staff augmentation brings experienced professionals on board quickly, that will accelerate your project's progress.


Staff augmentation is the best way to reduce overhead costs associated with traditional hiring. You only pay for the expertise you need, when you need it.

Reduced Risk

With staff augmentation, you gain access to specialized knowledge and fresh perspectives, mitigating risks and fostering innovative problem-solving within your team.

Focus on Your Core Business

We will handle the complexities of talent acquisition and management. You can focus and concentrate on your business.

Pros of IT Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation, the practice of integrating temporary IT professionals into your existing team, has emerged as a compelling solution. While IT staff augmentation offers numerous benefits in terms of flexibility, access to specialized skills, and cost-effectiveness, we carefully manage these advantages against potential challenges.

  • Conquer skills gaps with our pre-vetted tech talent pool.
  • Scale your team up or down seamlessly based on project demands.
  • Accelerate project timelines with instant access to expertise.
  • Reduce IT hiring costs – you only pay for the skills you need, when you need them.
  • Mitigate security risks – our rigorous screening ensures top-tier talent.
  • Boost innovation with fresh perspectives and diverse skillsets.
  • Akvateq streamlines onboarding – your augmented team hits the ground running.
  • Focus on core business – we handle the complexities of talent management.
  • Partner with Akvateq – unleash the full potential of your IT team.
  • Achieve more with Akvateq’s expert IT staff augmentation solutions.
  • At Akvateq we’re not just filling seats, we’re building dream teams. Let’s augment your tech force.
  • Stop wrestling with skills gaps. Akvateq’s IT augmentation injects the expertise your projects crave.
  • Future-proof your IT team with Akvateq’s cutting-edge augmentation. Scale with agility, innovate with purpose.
  • Akvateq: IT augmentation that scales, secures, and supercharges your success.
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Augment Your Existing Team

Add pre-vetted, highly skilled professionals to your project managed by your project manager. This can help you complete projects 2-3 times faster. Ideal for situations with tight deadlines or specific skill requirements.

This is a great opportunity for a busy and small team to work with highly skilled professionals.

Build A Dedicated Development Team

We’ll assemble a team with the exact skills needed for your project, who can collaborate to handle specific project tasks seamlessly with your in-house staff or other vendors. Akvateq provides skilled project managers to oversee our work and ensure everything runs smoothly using industry-standard communication tools.

Perfect for complex, multi-team projects where you need to maintain control over the overall progress.

Staff Augmentation Services - Build A Dedicated Development Team<br />
Staff Augmentation Services - Full Project Outsourcing

Full Project Outsourcing

Completely offload your software development burdens to Akvateq. We handle everything from start to finish, potentially saving you up to 40% in development costs by eliminating the need to hire, train, and manage a full-time IT staff.


This is ideal for businesses with limited internal resources or who want to minimize their involvement in project management.


Managed IT Services

Don’t have an internal IT team? Akvateq can provide comprehensive IT management including routine infrastructure monitoring, help desk support, and security services. This ensures the stability and smooth operation of your IT environment, allowing you to focus on your core business.


This service is particularly beneficial for businesses without an in-house IT team, seeking a reliable vendor to safeguard their IT operations

Staff Augmentation Services - Managed IT Services<br />

Akvateq: Your Software Development Partner

At Akvateq, we understand that every project is unique. That's why we offer flexible engagement models and a commitment to clear communication to ensure a successful outcome for your business.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in honest pricing. If your project requirements are well-defined, we recommend a fixed-cost model for budget certainty. For longer projects with evolving needs, we offer Time and Materials (T&M) billing, with or without a capped budget, to control cost.

Scalable Solutions

Need a team for a short-term project or ongoing development? Akvateq scales its services to fit your needs. Hire our experts for a specific task or bring them on board for long-term collaboration.

Seamless Integration

Integration is key. Our team will establish clear communication channels with your staff, ensuring everyone is on the same page and knowledge is shared effectively.

Real-Time Visibility

We believe in transparency. We'll use a customized set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned with your project goals (e.g., lead time, completion cycles, deployment frequency) to track progress .

Unwavering Quality

Our software engineers are highly skilled and committed to delivering exceptional work. We follow strict ISO-certified quality management principles to ensure our contributions meet the industry's highest standards.

Detailed Documentation

Even if we're engaged for a short-term project, we'll provide comprehensive and accurate documentation of our work, meeting all your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

What is staff augmentation services?

When businesses need extra help with important IT projects, they can choose between two main ways: staff augmentation and project outsourcing. Staff augmentation is when you hire temporary workers through an outside agency to fill short-term positions within your company. This helps keep things running smoothly.

What does augmentation mean in work?

Simply put, staff augmentation is about hiring employees from a third-party staffing agency to help your company. It’s a way to bring in extra people, either for a short time or long-term, to boost your team’s capabilities.

What is another term for staff augmentation?

Another word for staff augmentation is “team enhancement.” This term highlights how bringing in extra staff can make your existing team stronger. By adding new skills and resources, your team can work better together and achieve better results.

How is staff augmentation different from outsourcing?

The big difference between staff augmentation and outsourcing is who controls the team. With staff augmentation, you hire extra engineering resources but keep direct control over your team. This means you’re responsible for any problems that might come up. With outsourcing, you pay for a specific project to be done by an outside company.

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Augment your team with skilled professionals to tailor bespoke software solutions to your exact specifications.

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Speed up e-commerce projects with our pool of experienced and expert developers for scalable, secure online platforms.

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Optimize your software lifecycle with our DevOps experts, integrating automation and collaboration practices for efficiency.


Elevate the user experience of your digital products with our talented UI/UX specialists who can collaborate with your team.

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Augment your team with our cloud specialists for seamless cloud migration, management, and optimization.

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Boost application performance and reliability with our management services, offering support and maintenance.



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